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Holly Erskine

Monday, September 14, 2015

I wasn't sure how to judge how the audience was liking the movie, since I couldn't look inside the car windows without being the creepy lady! So Tim and I were thrilled and surprised at the end when everyone in the lot honked their horns. I said to Tim and the movie gang, "listen! They are honking their horns for us!" A peak moment! THANK YOU! 


We had a fantastic time! Thanks to Base Camp Coffee and Sweetie Pies for sponsoring!


Thanks also to Small Forest for their wonderful music and we loved the space songs!


If you saw the movie and want to comment or post a review, please comment below!


Here is a cool photo thanks to Roger Kuhns. 

Yes, that spaceship was in our garage for a few years. We used it to store cases of cat food and beer.